17 March 2011

New Fund: AmAustralia Fund

Looking good on Australia, AmMutual is launching a new fund to capture the potential of Australia. The fund seeks to provide income and long-term capital growth by investing in Australian equities and Australian dollar fixed income securities.
Note: The fund's main focus is on income and to a lesser extent, capital growth.

"Australia's economy is resilient and has posted an impressive positive gross domestic product growth over the last 18 years, even outperforming all other advanced economies during the global financial crisis," said Datin Maznah Mahbob, CEO of Funds Management Division, AmInvestment Bank Group. (Business Times)

Investment Strategy
The fund generally maintains equity exposures within a range of 50% to 100% of the fund's NAV. Then, the balance may be invested in Australian dollar fixed income securities and liquid assets. 
It will derive its income primarily through investments in relatively higher paying dividend stocks and bonds. However, it may also invest in growth stocks to participate in an actual or anticipated stock market rally.

As such, Credit Suisse AG, Singapore Branch has been appointed as the Sub-Investment Manager to manage the fund's Australian portfolio.

Process & Selection of Equity
Process & Selection of Fixed Income Securities

Investor's Profile
  1. Income and Long-term capital growth on their investments,
  2. Long-term investment horizon,
  3. Participation in the upside potential of Australia
Key Data of the fund

Source: AmMutual

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