10 December 2010

Two cents for Government’s Talent Retaining Program

First, congratulates Talent Corp for continuing trying to achieve the objectives of bringing back Malaysian or foreign talent back home. Indeed, this was a very tough task, as Malaysians already implant the thinking inside. Every year, our "bright stars" migrate to other countries searching for their dream jobs.

Cartoon In: Economist, August 11, 2005.
Why it happens?
  • It was started when those bright graduates being in love with the countries they studied. Many of them pursue their degree in US, UK, and Australia. And, after they graduate, they became in love with these countries, and tend to get a job there, stay there, and forget here.
  • Highly specialized jobs are unavailable to these professional locally, such as doctors, engineer, scientists, new technology innovators… If you're hand phone innovator, would you join Apple or Nokia abroad or remain here?
  • Professional tends to feel proud by doing something that they can showcase their skills or capabilities. This is another reason for them to venture aboard, because Malaysia is not a niche nation for something unique. Example, fashion in France, soccer in UK, technology in US. No wonder Datuk Jimmy Choo, yet another proud Malaysian, found his success in UK.
Picture from www.frederatorblogs.com
How to prevent brain drain?

  • Improving our Universities to be on par with US, UK and Australia, so that Malaysians need not chase for overseas educations
  • Improving our living standard and lifestyle, especially in KL, to make our graduates proud of
  • Move up the value chain of businesses
  • Move towards high income nation (we're on the right track)
  • Identified our very own niche or selling point, and plan to develop it until recognized globally

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