11 December 2010

3 wrong perceptions on Malaysia's Properties

In Malaysia, property investment is gaining momentum since last year. And, the property sector seems unstoppable with record breaking sales. New launches are fully taken up within few hours. Speculators are becoming greedier than ever. Calming down, figuring out, is it so attractive after all? Let's have a look at the 3 big wrong perceptions

Wrong perception #1: 
Malaysia's properties still attractive?

No doubt, many analysts and researchers comment that the local market price is still low if comparing to regional markets, such as Singapore and Hong Kong. This was wrong because we cannot simply compare with islands, where land is limited. We cannot simply compare with China, where billions of people chasing for limited supply of houses.

Wrong perception #2: 
KL Developers are going high-end?

Yup… KL developers are focusing at launching those high-end residential units. But, do not come into conclusion just that. First, we must look into the locations of these new launches, especially those at golden triangle. Locations play a vital role of setting the price of properties. Second, the cost of acquiring a particular land, and the cost of constructing sure will add to the price where buyers have to bear. Third, I noticed that many super high-end units are located on hills top. Difficulties to get the relevant approvals and moving machines up there was included into the selling price of course. Though, I can't deny there are developers trying to mark-up the price, as buyers think that the costlier the better.

The Pearl @ KLCC
Wrong perception #3: 
Malaysians household debt is high because of house loan?

Generally, house loan could easily be our biggest "earning-eater". House installments eat into our monthly salary. While there is good debt and bad debt, I categorized property as good and car loan as bad debt. Malaysians high household debt is caused by the high car price, which is not worth to have if comparing with a house. And, my previous article "Proton loves Perodua to avoid extinction?" highlighted the problems of local car industry which directly affecting our daily lives.


  1. For the "Wrong perception #1", what do you think of Penang island in Malaysia? Would that consider as wrong perception?

  2. Penang is pricing in the KL price now. I think that is the maximum that Penang properties can go. Beyond that, it is called "over-value".


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