03 December 2010

Broad-Ban in Malaysia?

Forget about the old fixed line internet connections anymore. We have the on-the-go broadband services, which provide almost unlimited boundaries for internet lover to surf anytime anywhere. However, you may not know a very unpleasant scenario is happening in Malaysia (at least I found out now).

Although I comment about TM's monopoly status in fixed line internet connection previously, I still prefer Streamyx for its unlimited surfing, lower monthly charges, and stable connectivity. Most importantly, more than one people can online at the same time, without extra fees. Whereas, broadband cannot.

Don't know #1

Recently, I moved to a new area, and hopes to subscribe for Streamyx (fixed line internet service provided by TM). However, I was shock to found out that I cannot subscribe for Streamyx, because my area was under Maxis territory. Wow… Sounds like I am living in the battle-field, where Maxis won the game!!!

The reason given was that my area's telephone line is bought over by Maxis, and Streamyx needs the telephone line to connect. Since this was the only fixed line internet service you can find in Malaysia, and again thanks to TM's monopoly status, I have no choice, but to look for broadband service.

Don't know #2

Then, I subscribe for a broadband service, but, the connection is slow (running at below 100kbps during peak hours). Can you imagine how slow 100kbps is? It's like opening a single website until you felt asleep. So, I went to another service provider to en-quire  theirs. Thanks for his honesty, he told me that if you are staying near the mountain, and in an apartment unit above 5 storey, you can't expect to get a good connection.

Conclusions… Broad-Ban

Are we living in a business friendly society, in the expense of public's freedom of choice? 
First, Maxis is wrong by conquering certain areas, which undermine the choice of citizen there. 
Second, why TM agreed to let go some of its assets?

Finance Malaysia thinks that Rakyat should be given to freedom to choose for their preferred service. Business owners should cares about the difficulties faced by Rakyat. And, government should monitor the latest development which could affect the welfare of Rakyat. Internet services are very important our daily lives now. Oh my dear Malaysians.

*The telecommunication company is expanding its territory now. Would your area be the next battle-field?

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