29 November 2021

Boost launched a new food ordering platform ~ "Boost Makan"

Foodpanda, GrabFood, ShopeeFood, airasia food, EASI (Hungry), DelieverEat, LOLOL, BeepDelivery... Not enough lah. So, we have a new kid on the block (in this food ordering/delivery space), and many of us already have this app on our smartphones 😱

Ladies & gentlemen,
Let's welcome this new food ordering platform called
Boost Makan , by Boost, to help its F&B merchants bring their businesses online without the hassle of complicated backend systems and expensive fees. Existing Boost merchants can easily access Boost Makan directly within the Boost Biz merchant app and sign up for the food ordering platform with NO onboarding fees imposed for a limited time.

Boost Makan is open to all F&B merchants who want to shift their business online using a platform they are already familiar with. This includes cafes, restaurants, home businesses, hawkers, food court stalls, and even food trucks.

What are the benefits for Merchants?

Some of the benefits merchants can enjoy include:
  1. User-friendly platform,
  2. Low transaction fees,
  3. Reliable third-party delivery partners, and
  4. Fast payment settlements within two (2) working days.
Sheyantha Abeykoon, CEO of Boost said, “The addition of Boost Makan to the Boost Biz merchant app is part of our efforts to enhance the merchant solutions we offer. This platform was rolled out six weeks ago as a trial with selected existing Boost F&B merchants. We received positive feedback from our merchants who participated and we’re happy to serve the needs of F&B businesses of any size run an omnichannel operation with ease. Our F&B merchants can leverage more functions without needing an additional device, system, or Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal since it is integrated within the Boost Biz app. This will help them widen their business reach as well as give our users more options for their meals.”

“Boost currently has over 380,000 merchants across Malaysia, of which a large segment are F&B businesses. We are excited to help these entrepreneurs take their businesses online, broaden their revenue streams and reach a wider customer base while leveraging on our more than 9.5 million users,” Sheyantha added.

Using the same Boost app

The Boost Makan platform syncs up on the Boost eWallet app, where users can access and browse to place food orders. This means that changes made on the merchant’s side via the Boost Biz app will be reflected instantly on the customer’s side.

There are 4 order fulfillment methods merchants can choose from on Boost Makan, namely:
  1. Delivery within a 20KM coverage radius,
  2. Pick-up,
  3. In-store contactless orders for walk-ins, and
  4. Drive-thru. (A bit special with explanation below)

    Allows customers to provide their vehicle number together with their order, so merchants can identify customers’ cars and have food sent directly to them upon arrival at the merchant’s place of operation.

    This is a value-added service option merchants can choose to deliver a better customer experience, where customers do not need to worry about parking or leaving their cars.

Good news to new registered Merchants!!!

From now until 31 December 2021, new and existing F&B merchants will receive an RM50 merchant incentive upon registering with Boost Makan. This incentive is only applicable to new and existing F&B merchants who have yet to onboard with Boost under the Go-eCommerce Onboarding Campaign.

Good news to Boost Makan Users!!!

To celebrate the launch of Boost Makan, you’d get to enjoy RM5 Cashback* with your orders. So, order away and enjoy the Lokal & Sedap near you today!

Campaign Period: 22 Nov – 31 Dec 2021

For more information on Boost Makan and all the features offered, kindly visit www.myboost.com.my/features/boost-makan/  

Psst… have you heard? You can now get from RM5 to RM25 worth of instant discounts when you register with Boost. Just follow these steps:
  1.  Register using my Invite Code yeo31ln 
  2.  Look out for the New User Mission
  3.  Add money into your Boost Wallet
  4.  Enjoy up to RM25 worth of rewards
Click Here to Download the Boost App on Google Playstore or App Store

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