04 July 2021

This guy turned his obstacles into a social learning platform for all Malaysians ~ Fin2u Academy

Are you learning now? Who do you learn from? Where does learning take place? Basically, learning is a life-long process that takes place from the first day we were born into this world. We keep on learning to adapt to different life stages. The current fast-changing job market requires different skills, thus, the demand of re-skill/up-skill to stay relevant. The next question is: “Is there a marketplace for online learning?

Yes. There is. However, most of the platforms out there are either for their own use only, or from overseas. Of course, some people would go to free sites such as YouTube to learn as well.

Alex Yeoh, an engineer turned financial planner, has been giving financial talks in various universities and corporations for the past 8 years, and wanted to digitalise his contents 2 years ago. Embarking into this digital transformation journey is an uphill task for him because he doesn’t know about web building, web design, automation, payment gateway integration, membership system, video hosting, and digital marketing.

“It's difficult for me to find any localised online courses which can guide me through from A to Z and with the knowledge/skills which I can apply straight away here in Malaysia. Luckily, I found my co-founders who shared the same vision and they come with a skillset which complements each other,” said Alex Yeoh, the CEO of Fin2u Academy.

What is Fin2u Academy?

Together with his co-founders, Alex Yeoh who is passionate about sharing his knowledge particularly on financial matters, spent 9 months during the lockdown period last year to come out with a social learning platform called Fin2u Academy

This is a place where you can meet your learning peers, share ideas, learn from a multitude of courses, obtain private teaching from our course mentors and improve yourself for a better future. Fin2u Academy strives to provide you with the best environment for learning online. Register your free account here.

To his surprise, many of his friends said that they paid money to learn online via some online platforms. How about learning via YouTube? Yes. Most feedback that they did learn via YouTube before, but many would rather pay a small fee to learn from a course mentor in a more reliable and structured way.

Then, why learn via Fin2u Academy? Because of the following reasons:
  1. Localized contents and style (Fuyoh…)
  2. Multi-lingual
  3. Varieties of structured video courses
  4. Access anywhere anytime
  5. Peer-to-peer learning group, and many more

“I always emphasize to all of our course mentors to produce courses which are localised and easy to understand. There's no point for people to learn without understanding and cannot apply it. Agree? For me, able to apply what I learned is the most important element in this platform”

“We’re not a university, we don’t have to abide by and follow the syllabus, we don’t have to follow a certain presentation style. Our course mentors can teach in their own style, language, or format. This makes us very close to the heart of our users,” elaborate further by Alex Yeoh.

The social element of this platform

On top of that, users can create their own groups (public or private) inside this platform and continue their learning journey from like-minded users, having discussions and Q&As with course mentors also. This is a very useful feature for users to interact and learn together, keeping abreast with the latest updates on a certain topic.

Everyone can become an online course mentor

Yes. Not only that you can learn, but you can also even teach online via Fin2u Academy. The platform provides you the infrastructure from A to Z, including digital marketing to find your course subscribers. What you have to do is prepare your content and record your videos. That’s it! Do your best and let Fin2u Academy do the rest. You can now just focus on what you’re best at.

And, this platform is FREE to use for course mentors. The company will only take a cut after successfully finding a paid subscriber to your course. The platform will use both online and offline kinds of marketing methods to reach out to your targeted subscribers. An affiliate program is coming soon as well.

Reaching out…

Since its soft launch on 10th Oct 2020, Fin2u Academy has more than 400 registered users now, comprising 30 registered course mentors currently. There are free and paid courses to choose from and the subjects ranging from psychology to financial to engineering to self-help. You may connect to Alex Yeoh via email at alexyeoh@fin2u.net

The market is hugely untapped and the company is looking for more course mentors to join the platform, propelling Malaysia to be a knowledge-based economy. Strategic corporate partnership is welcome as well. More courses and features will be added soon. Stay tuned!

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