11 July 2021

A Complete Guide to Apply Car Loan Moratorium of Public Bank

In conjunction with our previous blog post on loan moratorium being offered by various banks, this is the complete guide of moratorium application for hire purchase of Public Bank.

When you landed on the website of Public Bank, these 3 persons will warm you with their smiles, indicating that they are here to help you during this difficult period. Hahaha. Just click the "More Info" button.

Make sure you landed on "Hire Purchase" for the car loan category. Or, you can click this link.

Scroll down until you see this page and click "OPT-IN NOW!"

Then, this page will pop out in another window. Select individual or business customer, then key in the required info.

Automatically, an OTP SMS will be sent to your registered phone number, as a way to identify you.

Next, fill up all the required information, and choose your Option.

That's it. Done.

What's next?
  1. An automated email will be sent to you (with a survey).
  2. Within 5 days, you will receive a notification email with an attachment letter stating all the terms & conditions. This email and its attachment are essential, crucial and important. As such, you must keep and save the email together with its attachment for any future reference, validation and/or reference.
    • If you agree with it, do nothing.
    • If you don't agree or want to cancel the application, kindly revert to the email within 3 days.

Conclusion: It's pretty simple and straightforward. Kudos to Public Bank for being one of the first banks to roll out this offer and loan borrowers can complete it 100% via online method.

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