12 March 2021

Energy Commission: The Selected Shortlisted Bidders are...

In May 2020, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA) via the Energy Commission (EC) opened a competitive bidding process for Large Scale Solar (LSS) programme by Malaysia Electricity Industry to Attract Renewable Energy Investment (LSS@MenTARI).

Why this LSS project hogging the limelight since then?

Under LSS@MenTARI, some 1,000 megawatts (MW) of solar quota will be offered through the bidding process, and is open to fully-owned local companies or with at least 75% local shareholding for companies listed on Bursa Malaysia.

The quota offered this time is the biggest under the LSS programme:
  1. LSS-1 370MW
  2. LSS-2 520MW
  3. LSS-3 500MW
  4. LSS@MenTARI is 1,000MW

However, the Ministry had set the maximum bidding capacity from each developer at 50MW compared with 100MW previously to give more opportunities for industry players to participate in the bidding process.

And, this round it was being offered in two packages:
  1. First package
    ~ total quota offered is 500MW
    ~ the capacity range offered is between 10MW and less than 30MW

  2. Second package
    ~ total quota offered is 500MW
    ~ the capacity range offered is between 30MW and 50MW

The Shortlisted Bidders are... (updated on 12 March 2021)

The Energy Commission of Malaysia has completed the competitive bidding exercise for the development of LSSPV plants in Peninsular Malaysia for commercial operation in 2022/2023 and pleased to announce the selection of shortlisted bidders.

The selection is based on bids with the most competitive prices and meeting all RFP requirements. Shortlisted plant capacities:
  • Package P1 : 323.06 MW (Price range from RM 0.1850/kWh to RM 0.2481/kWh)
  • Package P2 : 500 MW (Price range from RM 0.1768/kWh to RM 0.1970/kWh)

Below is the list of shortlisted bidders for capacity between 10 MW to 50 MW.

So, your listed company is one of the successful bidders?

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