11 October 2020

RM3,000 is back - Geran Khas PRIHATIN (GKP) 2.0

After the first version of "Geran Khas PRIHATIN (GKP)" to all micro SMEs in April 2020, the Government in Sept 2020 has allocated an additional of RM10 billion Prihatin Supplementary Initiative Package (Kita Prihatin) in line with its efforts to boost economic recovery.

And, under this latest package, a total of RM600 million was allocated for Prihatin Special Grant (GKP) 2.0.

What is the definition of micro SME?
How to apply?
When is the payment?

Who is eligible to apply?
  • NOT a recipient of GKP previously,
  • Applicant must be a Malaysian, and
  • Applicant must be a micro-SME with below criteria;
    • Annual sales turnover or revenue is less than RM300,000; and
    • Total employees are not more than 4 (excluding the owner)
  • Registered with Inland Revenue Board (IRB) or Local Council or Commission of Company Malaysia (SSM) on or before 31 Aug 2020; and
  • Still having an active operation during application; and
  • Data matched with the relevant agency which is appointed by the Ministry of Finance.

How much is the grant?
Same with previous version, a one-off special grant of RM3,000 will be given to all eligible applicants.

How to apply?
Online apply via the official portal GKP (https://gkp.hasil.gov.my/)

When is the application period?
1st - 30th Oct 2020

When can I know the result of the application?
Applicants can check the result of their application status on 15 Nov 2020.

When will be the payment of RM3,000 being made?
The disbursement of payment is estimated to be on 25 November 2020 onward.

How does an applicant receive the money?
Payment will be credit directly into the bank account stated by applicant during application. Of course, the bank account must be still active.

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