06 October 2020

[IPO] MR.D.I.Y - Ten key points in knowing your Mr. Right?

MR.D.I.Y which opened its first store along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman in July 2005 and has now grown to become the largest home improvement retailer in the region with stores across Malaysia.

Nowadays, the company already become the preferred place to go for almost everything. (My kids like to go there to buy toys)

With ten categories — Hardware, Household, Electrical, Furnishing, Car Accessories, Stationery & Sports, Toys, Gifts, Computer & Mobile Accessories and Jewellery & Cosmetics — in each store, MR.DIY offers a wide selection of more than 16,600 types of products. Along major highways, you can't take your eyes off the billboard highlighting the company's motto of “ALWAYS LOW PRICES”.

Here you go the TEN key points:

  1. Mr DIY was backed by private equity firm Creador.

  2. Mr DIY commanded an estimated market share of 29.1% in 2019 based on its revenue for the financial year ended December 31, 2019.

  3. Offer price was fixed at RM1.60 per share, giving it an estimated market capitalisation of RM10 billion.

  4. The IPO listing will be the largest in Malaysia, since Lotte Chemical Titan raised RM3.77 billion in July 2017.

  5. According to sources, among the cornerstone investors are BlackRock Inc, AIA Group Ltd and J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Fidelity Investments and Aberdeen Standard Investments.

  6. How the company use the money raised via IPO?

  7. How mush is the cost of opening new stores?

  8. Household and furnishing the best selling product by category

  9. Revenue was mainly coming from Central & Southern region of Malaysia:

  10. At last, how can you don't know this IPO time table?

Other than MR.DIY this name???

Yes. If you come across other names, it may come from the same company. It's just with different shop name.

Currently, the group operates 640 stores across Malaysia and four stores in Brunei under the “MR. D.I.Y.” brand, with a further 28 stores in Peninsular Malaysia under the “MR. TOY” brand which focuses on affordable toys and other products for children and babies.

In August, the Group had even launched a new concept store called “MR. DOLLAR” catering to consumer demand for food and beverage items, and essential household products, for the mass market, with all products at fixed price points of either RM2 or RM5.

So, does MR. DIY qualified to be your Mr. Right?

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