15 December 2019

How to Download Touch'nGo Statements via app? Got 2 Types of Statements?

Scared that you can't download Touch'nGo statements for the company's employee benefits claims?
Or, for income tax expenses filing purposes?

Don't know how to download it?

Previously, you can log in to the MYTouchnGo web portal to download the transaction history. But, many of us will find it difficult to access the web portal ever since mobile application e-wallet was born.

Why don't we download the statements via the Touch'nGo e-wallet app directly?
It's much easier and convenient to do so...

Step 1:
Log in to your Touch'nGo e-wallet app

Step 2:
Choose your desired Touch'nGo card (if you have more than one)

Step 3:
Click the button on the top-right side and click "Email TNG Card statement" as shown.

Step 4:
Key in your email address, choose your desired transaction period, then click submit.

Step 5:
Open your email and it's there within few minutes...

The statement will be separated into two categories, offline and online. What is the difference?

Offline transactions ⇓⇓⇓
When you use your TNG card to tap and pay, such as the car park of shopping malls, where the money is deducted from your TNG card balance.

Online transactions 
When you use that TNG card for PayDirect function.
Click here to find out about the PayDirect feature.


How about those e-wallet transactions? Such as making e-wallet payment at Tesco, Giant, Shell or restaurants?

No worry. We got you.
Please follow these simple steps as shown below.



In this statement, the PayDirect payments will be shown also, including all cashback, if any. Basically, it's all about the transactions that deduct money from your TNG e-wallet.


Hopefully, this post could enlighten you and could help you to generate the necessary statement for your office claim/allowance/expenses.

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