11 September 2018

[P2P Investment] What are the differences between Funding Societies and Fundaztic platform?

As promised, this topic has investors scratching their heads and curious about when choosing which P2P platform to starts investing with. Here, we selected the two most popular platform and do a simple comparisons between them.

The battle begins here: Funding Societies vs Fundaztic
Generally, both operators are run by experienced and professional teams and are equally good. It's just that the features are a little bit different and how they assess the credit profile/scoring of the issuers would remained as a business secret.

Personally, admin feel that Funding Societies platform (website or mobile app) is more user friendly. However, admin does really like the features of credit ratings published on the Fundaztic platform which helps investors to know the identify risk scoring and also the probability of default percentage (PD %).

In conclusion, Funding Societies are aiming for bigger size of amount to be funded, while Fundaztic is actively going for numbers of SMEs to be funded. Both has a different strategy of market approach. Hence, Funding Societies is leading the pack with funded amount, while Fundaztic is leading in terms of numbers of deals funded.

So, which one is better?
We have compared for you now, and it's time for you as an investor to make the final call. Anyway, why choose only one while you can have both accounts open?

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