17 September 2018

[P2P Investment] How to setup Auto-Invest feature on Funding Societies and Fundaztic platforms?

After comparing the two most popular P2P platforms in Malaysia (What are the differences between Funding Societies and Fundaztic platform?), many lazy investors (like me) would like to invest as hassle-free as possible each time. So, in this article, we will share with you how to setup the auto-invest feature available in Fundaztic and Funding Societies platforms.

Fundaztic's Smart Invest

With this feature, investors have an option to allow our platform to perform auto-investments on behalf of them based on each investor’s investment criteria and conditions. The auto-investments will be deducted from the investor’s available balance and the platform will not auto-invest if there is insufficient balance in the account.

Here are the step-by-step guides on how to activate and set your investment conditions.

First, you must first have a minimum of RM2,000 in your AVAILABLE BALANCE to set-up Smart-Invest.
  1. Click “Smart Invest” on your homepage. 
  2. Next, click “Add Setting”.
  3. Insert the amount that you wish to invest in the Notes. Next, choose your desired range for the Note’s Tenure, followed by the range of the Interest Rates you would like to receive and finally the Risk Grades
  4. Select “Active” and click “Submit”.

You can now view your Smart Investment conditions saved in your “Smart Invest” tab.
Terms & Conditions:
  • You may setup up to a maximum of 5 active Smart Investments at any point of time. 
  • Once your Smart Investments are setup, the platform will filter for new and/or current Notes that are available for funding every 10 minutes. And if your conditions are met, the platform will auto-invest your desired amount into the Notes.
  • The platform will NOT auto-invest into any Notes that the Smart Invest system have already invested in or if the Notes are already fully funded. 
  • However, the Smart Invest feature WILL still invest in Notes that you have previous MANUALLY INVESTED in which the Smart Invest system have yet to invest in. 
  • When setting up the Smart Invest setting, please make sure your set the highest priority conditions that you want first followed by the 2nd and so on. This is because the system will take your first Smart Invest setting as your main priority and invest based on that condition first. if it doesn't meet the first condition, only then it will invest based on the 2nd condition, etc.
  • As the Smart Invest feature has invested based on your first condition, it will not invest in the same Note again even-though that same Note also meets your 2nd, 3rd, etc. conditions. 

NOTE: You will not be able to edit/deactivate/delete or make any amendments to your Smart Invest settings if your available balance is below RM2,000. However, the Smart Invest system will still auto-invest on your behalf even if your available balance is below RM2,000 as long as it meets your settings criteria.

Funding Societies's Auto-Invest

Funding Societies's algorithm works by first running through all the filters to see which investors have the settings that matches the loan. Then it will check the total amount of all investors that are on auto-invest. A percentage of the financing term amount (between 20% to 40%) will be left open for manual investing.

Funding Socities web-based

To make things easier, you can simply setup via mobile app version as shown below:

Please take note that there are two types of funding available on Funding Societies platform - Term Financing and Invoice Financing. So, do setup auto-invest feature for both types of funding (suggestion only).

If you still haven't open any P2P account, you may do so here:

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