21 January 2017

Malaysian Stock Investment Made Easy with Bursa Market Place

One of your financial resolutions this year may be to start investing to grow your wealth and stocks is one vehicle that helps you earn gains on your money invested. But where do you start? The Bursa Market Place by Bursa Malaysia Bhd makes investing in stocks a lot simpler. It allows you to trade, clear settlements and make depository services, and it is free to use.

One of the handier features is the 'The Market', a place where you can analyze stocks based on volume trading, price movement, and dividend payouts. There are tools built into the platform which helps you analyze the stocks more simply including Analyst Consensus, Stock Screener, AlphaFactor, Heat Maps, and Daily Espresso.

Not only that... More details here:

In a gist, these tools consolidate research by professional analysts helping you have a clearer picture of how a company performs. It can also help you find stocks that match your investment strategy and criteria. It monitors the market performance and ranks the top and worst performers according to activity, profitability, market cap, percentage price movement, and absolute price movement. The Daily Espresso gives you a great idea of when to buy or sell in support of an analyst’s recommendation, newbies are encouraged to try this tool as it’s straight forward and gives you a good overview of the basics.

Gain knowledge and insights from The Bursa Market Place too. With tutorials and guides to reap the most value from the platform and insights from opinion leaders, you’ll soon be on your way towards becoming an informed stock investor.

To keep track of your investments, head over to my.mkt, where you can review your portfolio and access your investments from time to time. Register for an account with your basic information and you’re ready to go!

There are always risks involved with investing but the key to remember is to manage these risks over time by making well-informed decisions based on analysis and logic. Understand your risk appetite and how to diversify your investments in different products. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Good luck with your investment journey!

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