23 April 2015

The 4 New EPF Initiatives... Good or Bad ?

After EPF announcing that they would like to propose 4 new initiatives to improve the current scheme, many Malaysian voiced their concern especially on the withdrawal age. What are these initiatives actually? How is going to affect us? And, most importantly, is it a good or bad move?

From 21st April till 5th May (two weeks only), EPF members are encouraged to participate in the survey being conducted by the board via their EPF i-Akaun such as below.

If the full withdrawal age changes to 60, how would it be done? Let's look at the diagram below:-

Questions to be ponder upon:

  • Can we partially agree with certain initiative, such as ONLY on extending dividend payments up to age 100? Or, must it be come in a package of 4 initiatives?

  • By increasing the FULL withdrawal age to 60, is it good for members? Or, is it actually good for EPF to hold on to the money for a longer period?

  • It's good to have another syariah-compliant retirement fund for members to choose. As such, there will be two type of returns (conventional vs syariah). Would it be difficult for EPF to manage members expectations? Can members switch between these two funds anytime?

Or, is this what majority of us want?

Remember to give your feedback as soon via EPF i-Akaun before 5th May 2015.


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