13 April 2015

Introducing the all NEW EPF Members Investment Scheme Information Portal (April 2015)

Another very good initiative by the Employee Provident Fund (EPF), a new online portal was launched today to provide the necessary information for all EPF members who conduct their own research and survey on all unit trust funds that were offered under the EPF Members-Investment Scheme (EPF-MIS). Most importantly, it's FREE !!!

The portal named "EPF Members Investment Scheme Information Portal" is managed by an external party and it is accessible as long as the member have an EPF i-Akaun log in.

How to access?

Visit the EPF website here.

Then, you will be directed to the new portal where all of us waiting for...

What's in it for me?

Powered by novagni, the new portal is user friendly and useful for all EPF members...

Fund performances of different funds sorted by different category.
You can only compare the funds within the same category.

You can view the fund info by such as general fund info, transaction info, and statistic of the funds including the history of distributions...

Different funds comparison of up to a maximum of 4 funds at one shot...

Honestly, we should give the EPF a thumbs up for this. The initiative taken to have the i-Akaun log in was amazing few years back. Coupled with this new portal for all i-Akaun users is an extra milestone for other government related agencies to follow. Let's give EPF a "Like" here and "Share" it out all Malaysian as an encouragement to EPF...

To read the FAQs about the new portal, please click here.

Source: EPF website


  1. Hey, my uncle Dr. Aloke Ghosh was also talking about this EPF Members Investment Scheme. According to him, this is a great step towards advancement in EPF system. I’m also very impressed dear!

  2. EPFO Portal has newly Introduced a new system to facilitate online submission of PF transfer claims by the members. epfindia


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