14 March 2013

OSK-UOB Dana KidSave

One of the most desired by an investor, is to achieve diversification in his or her portfolio and what better way to do so then by investing in a balanced fund. A balance in an investment portfolio is also fundamental to appease an investor in times of uncertainties and volatility. Such a balance can appeal to the investor of any age regardless of his or her objectives. Thus, with market uncertainties continuing to prevail over the Eurozone debt crisis and its contagion effect on the global economy, investors remain cautious with their investment choice, seeking to invest in low to moderate risk investments such as a balanced fund.

Hence, OSK-UOB offer you a Shariah-based fund with its balanced asset allocation strategy in equities and investments comprising sukuk, islamic money market instruments, deposits and collective investment schemes. The investment in equities will enjoy potential capital appreciation upswings while any downswings will be cushioned by its investments in the latter which are defensive in nature.

When making investments, the manager may invest up to 30% of NAV in foreign markets. The fund will invest in Shariah-compliant securities/instruments listed on or traded in Asia Pacific ex Japan markets, including Shariah-compliant securities / instruments of companies that are listed on or traded in non-Asia Pacific ex Japan markets (such as NYSE and LSE).

How about Sukuk ?
At lease BBB rating sukuk issued by Malaysian incorporated companies at the point of purchase by RAM Rating Services Bhd or equivalent rating agencies. Foreign sukuk issued by corporations and financial institutions must carry a rating of BB or higher by S&P or equivalent, whereas sukuk issued by supra-nationals, governments and their agencies need not be rated.

Source: OSK-UOB IM

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