08 December 2012

New Fund: OSK-UOB Multi Asset Regular Income Fund

As investor continue to seek safe investment havens, i.e. investments that are more stable and/or of lower risk and with regular income, OSK-UOB Investment Management see opportunities in the Asia and Asia Pacific (ex Japan) region. Hence, they are now offering investors a fund that utilizes a multi-asset strategy to generate potential regular income and capital growth in a fund that invests in three yielding assets i.e. bonds, equities and REITs (real estate investment trusts) from the Asia and Asia Pacific (ex Japan) region.

The Fund is suitable for investors who:

  1. seek regular income and capital growth over medium to long term;
  2. are willing to accept moderate risk in their investments; and
  3. wish to benefit from investment exposure in the Asian and Asia Pacific (ex Japan) region.
Tactical Asset Allocation?
Of the fund's investments, the External Investment Manager will initially invest in accordance to the allocation stated in the table below. However, for the purpose of tactical asset allocation, the manager may deviate from the stated allocation by a 10% variance for each asset class depending on the market conditions to achieve medium to long term returns.

Thus, this Fund's portfolio will be structured as follows:
  • 65% - 98% of NAV
    • Investments in Asian (ex Japan) debt instruments / bonds, Asia Pacific (ex Japan) dividend equities and Asia Pacific (ex Japan) REITs.
  • 2% - 35% of NAV
    • Investments in liquid assets including money market instruments and deposits with financial institutions.
What's the composite benchmark for this fund?
  • 50% JP Morgan Asia Credit Index Total Return Composite (RM);
  • 30% MSCI AC Asia Pacific ex Japan Index (RM);
  • 20% MSCI AC Asia Pacific ex Japan REITs Index (RM).
Distribution Policy:
Depending on the level of income generated at each relevant period, the fund will declare distributions, if any, to unit holders QUARTERLY.

Source: OSK-UOB Investment Management

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