11 April 2012

Personal Income Tax for YA2011

Many readers asking us why we did not update the Personal Income Tax Relief for year of assessment 2011, and below the table explain why. Nothing special, because the tax relief for YA2011 was the same as previous year (2010). So, FM would like to use back the same table posted last year here.

Personal Tax Relief for YA2011

Last year, some of YOU commented that the table shown was very convenient for YOU to refer to based on the color used for different kind of tax relief. I think there is none other than FM who differentiate that way. This has shown that FM strives to innovate for the benefits of readers. Haha.

Blue color          : Tax relief that we can adjust easily in our daily life
Green color    : Tax relief for property not rented out with S&P signed between 10/03/09-31/12/10
Yellow color       : Tax relief related to life insurance premium
Light Red color : Tax relief related to child

By the way, FM would like to express our gratitude for 900 Facebook Page Fans, who continues supporting us along the way. Yeah, it's YOU!!! Thank you very much.


  1. Hi Alex, I would highlight my comment on your another post base on residential tax matter. Hope you dont mind.

    I just browse thru your post regarding the residential tax relief, It is so true that the formula stated in the income tax leaflet or LHDN website.. but sadly.. this format are not applicable since the year 2010.

    I call to income tax department regarding this matter.. but the person incharge mention, they are not using this formula for the joint ownership. the interest will devide accordingly base on how many ownership. so.. it is in equevilent portion. so.. for example the finance interest for the house on year 2011 is 12k. the property is under husband n wife name, then the amount u can insert for each individual is only 6k for the year.

    I also hope the formula is working like what u have written in the post.. so my husband can take full the rm10k tax relief.

    but.. the piece of information I get from LHDN officer will overtake the written formula..

    Can you help me to clarify on this tax matter? Thanks alot!

  2. Hi Alice, thanks for highlighting here. I don't think the LHDN officer gave you the right answer. What's stated in LHDN website is deemed correct, and we should follow that instead of listening to LHDN officer orally. Thanks.

  3. Hi, can you advice on this matter, if the property S&P signed within 10/3/2009 - 31/12/2010 but the finance interest started to pay in 1/1/2011, could we claim the tax relief of RM10k (max) in year 2010 or only able to claim in year 2011 onwards for subsequent 3 years?

  4. Hi, as long as you fulfill the first condition (when was the S&P signed), you can claim for three consecutive years from the 1st year the interest is paid.

    For your case, it is from year of assessment 2011 onward. Thanks.

  5. Hi Alex ...

    Can IRB assess and claim for tax overdue amounts which where due 20 years ago (1989-1994) ?. They are coming after me now... for these amounts which I really have no clue of as the docs are missing and the company that i was employed back then is not in existance



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