04 April 2012

RHBInvest: Now you can TRADE and FLY

Other than competitive brokerage fees, brokerage firms are battle it all out to gain market share by dishing out all kind of freebies. Those who did not make the move would definitely lose their market share to other competitors. Last year, we noticed that many brokerage firms were competing in fees charged. But, RHB investment bank has their own way - RHBInvest HOTTIE Rewards programme.

Let your investment take you on Vacation!!!
Under the programme, every broking transaction done on RHB's online share trading platform (RHBInvest) will be rewarded with loyalty points. Every RM1 spent on brokerage fees will earn 1 HOTTIE point and every HOTTIE point can be converted to 500 BIG points from AirAsia's BIG Loyalty global reward programme.

The accumulated BIG points can be redeemed for AirAsia's seats and for shopping at 1,500 BIG's associated partners and online merchants worldwide.

"We expect an improvement in participation. Most brokers are competing with real estate investment trusts and customer loyalty is waning. The idea of the reward programme is not to compete on price but to give more to clients from their brokerage," said RHB Investment Bank's head of equities broking.

Source: RHBInvest

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