21 January 2012

CLSA Feng Shui Index 2012

In conjunction with the coming Chinese New Year, Finance Malaysia would like to bring to you another popular research report - funny and interesting - by CLSA. This year is called "Water Dragon" year. Is it a good or bad dragon? What does water means to this dragon? And most importantly, what's the predictions of markets from the angle of feng shui?

Prediction pattern patent pending
Past performance, as the tiny type whispers, is no guarantee of future behavior. After all, it may be no guarantee, but it's pretty much all we've got to go on. No matter how mathematically marvelous the model, how impossibly rational the behavior or how serial the killer instinct, not too far beyond the smirk and mirrors, precedent is invariably at play.

That the past is present in the future is fundamental to feng shui forecasting, which is why we slipped on the archaeological geomancy fancy-pants and took the pith helmets to pore over the charted remains of the most recent Wyrms Past - a sort of reverse inter the Dragons. Sadly, there's not much to seer among dem dry bones. A few scraps of scapula, but nothing oracular. Humerus? Not around this joint.

Would KLCI this year's pattern turn out to be like this?
We doubt that even market historian Yale Hirsch could discern any distintive Draconic DNA in the squiggles and highlights left and south. That they mark the start of every third Presidential Election Cycle doesn't help us much, especially given that Hirsch's theory has fallen flat of late. At the risk of straying into 'one hand clapping' and 'unknown unknowns' territory, perhaps that's the pattern: Dragons are simply predictably unpredictable.

Elemental Health Check:

Metals Sector:
Financials, Gold, Resources, Autos, Banks, Broking, Computer Hardware, Currencies, Dental, Engineering, Legal, Steel.

Wood Sector:
Retail, Agriculture, Education, Fashion, Forestry, Furniture, Garments, Packaging, Pulp and Paper, Plantations, Politics, Printing, Textiles, Traditional Media, Soft Commodities.

Water Sector:
Gaming, Transport, Fishing, Beverages, Marketing, Tourism.

Fire Sector:
Oil and Gas, Technology, Telecoms/Internet, Utilities, Accounting, Advertising, Aviation, Economics, Electrical Entertainment, Energy, Fast Food, Foundries, Petrochems, Services.

Earth Sector:
Agriculture, Building Materials, Cement, Chemicals, Construction, Developers, Government, Hotels, Human Resources, Cosmetics, Insurance, Management, Pharmaceuticals, Property.

Source: CLSA


  1. I have a really good felling this year about Asian investments. I predict it will be the year when emerging markets decouple from the problems in the Eurozone.

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