19 October 2011

New Fund: Public Ittikal Sequel Fund

The Public Ittikal Sequel Fund (PITSEQ) is a Shariah-compliant capital growth fund that invests in a diversified portfolio of index-linked companies, blue chip stocks and companies with growth prospects listed on the Bursa Securities. The fund may also invest in sukuk such as sovereign sukuk, corporate sukuk and Islamic money market instruments to generate returns.

The Fund will focus its investments mainly in the domestic market, capitalising on opportunities arising from Malaysia’s resilient economic growth prospects in the medium-to long-term. Some of the sectors that the Fund may invest in include consumer, industrial, telecommunications and utilities sectors.

How about foreign investment?
To achieve increased diversification, the Fund may invest up to 30% of its NAV in selected foreign markets. The foreign markets which the fund may invest in include Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Australia, United States of America and other permitted markets.

Free Takaful?
The fund comes with free takaful coverage on Group Term Life with Total and Permanent Disability plus Group Personal Accident for unitholders aged between 18 to 59 years with a minimum NAV of RM5,000 at any point of time. The amount of takaful is equal to the NAV of units held in the ratio of RM1 takaful coverage for every RM1 NAV of units held, subject to a maximum amount of RM100,000 per unitholder of the fund.

Source: Public Mutual

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