03 October 2011

New Fund: Hong Leong Hong Kong Equity Optimizer Fund

Finally, there is a new fund from Hong Leong Asset Management (HLAM). The fund is designed to capture the vibrant growth of the Hong Kong capital market. The Hong Kong market has one of the world's leading securities exchange in the Asian region which is one of the fastest growing capital markets by market activity and new listings

Hong Kong, dubbed as Asia's most liquid exchange, acts as a key platform in the internalization of the Renminbi (RMB) currency. This allows investors to participate in the RMB appreciation potential via investments in equities and bonds.

The new Hong Leong Hong Kong Equity Optimizer Fund, being a growth fund, will invest primarily in equities and equity-related securities that are listed on the Hong Kong Exchange. Meanwhile, the balance may be invested in domestic and Hong Kong fixed income securities.

To achieve its investment objective, the Fund adopts an actively managed investment strategy which may include investment in common stock and depository receipts of companies, unit trusts funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and real estate investment trusts (REITs).

The Offshore Investment Adviser
GuocoCapital Limited (GCap) has been appointed as the offshore investment advisor for the Fund, in which GCap shall provide advice on the Manager's equity and equity-related securities in Hong Kong market. GCap is an established brokerage house with a diverse clientele, offering a full range of services, including modern delivery channels such as the Internet and the Automated Trading Hotline (IVRS). GCap is a wholly owned subsidiary of Guoco Group Limited which is a listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The Fund is suitable for investors who:

  • have a medium-to-long term investment horizon;
  • wish to participate in potential investment opportunities in the Hong Kong market;
  • are seeking primarily capital growth and to a lesser extent income; and
  • are willing to accept higher risk in their investments to obtain potentially higher returns

Source: HLAM

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