15 April 2011

MRT at Iskandar: Is it Viable?

When everyone talk about mass rapid transit (MRT) system at KL, it's reasonable given the terrible bumper to bumper traffic jam every working days. Certainly, it creates a buzz in Malaysia with its RM50 billion price tag. Maybe because of the buzzing topic, Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) also looking at the possibility of implementing a 500km MRT within the region which would also provide a direct link to Johor Bahru. The project is scheduled for completion by 2020. What's your reaction?

I believe many people will think the same with me - unbelievable. My jaw drops down the floor thereafter. We do not have to perform  those sophisticated calculation to judge whether the Iskandar MRT is viable or not. I came out with these 3 points.

3 Stupid Questions to ask our-self

  1. Population
    • KL is capital of our country, while Iskandar is a region which encompass the capital of a state
    • Do you think that Iskandar has more people than than the capital of KL?
    • Some more, Iskandar is 3x larger than Singapore, but with much lesser population
  2. New vs Old
    • KL is an not well planned city, which contributes to traffic problems now
    • However, Iskandar is a new city with ample of land, with ample of time to plan. Why not take your land and time as an advantage to plan ahead?
    • We don't have choice in KL, we're forced to resort to MRT
  3. Alternative ways
    • Well, everyone knows that MRT system is an extremely expensive project. Thus, we should source for other ways first, before considering MRT.
    • With ample of vacant lands still available now, why straightaway jump to MRT?
    • Also, population are not there yet, what's the urgency to build MRT now?
    • Instead, we should consider the following system first: Roads, Bus, Highways, LRT, then only MRT. MRT should be the last due to higher cost.
The 5 flagship zones of Iskandar Malaysia, namely Johor Bahru City (A), Nusajaya (B), Western Gate Development (C), Eastern Gate Development (D), and Senai-Skudai (F)

Wait... What am I using? Common sense, man (without calculator in my hand).
To support my view, below is what written by OSK Research:
"We feel that the chances of the Iskandar MRT being implemented anytime soon is slim. Based on IRDA's estimated cost of RM30m/km, the entire project will work out to RM15bn which is certainly a huge sum. Although an efficient public transport network is a crucial element of Iskandar to emerge as a thriving metropolis region, we think that it is still too soon for an MRT to be built. At this juncture, we believe that the Federal Govt is probably going to focus more on the KL MRT, LRT extension and various other ETP projects to ensure that it kicks off on time before considering the Iskandar MRT."
Source: IRDA, Iskandar Malaysia website

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  1. time for above proposal geng to eat more money as they can't eat at klang valley MRT. .where's the money from?


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