11 April 2011

Interviewing International Super Model Amber Chia

Finance Malaysia is very pleased to be able to interview Malaysia's Super Model Amber Chia, who had already making a name for herself in Modeling. When given the chance to interview, Amber Chia had always been Finance Malaysia's mind. In fact, Amber is an icon of the industry nowadays. She even forays into international scene, bringing Malaysia's image with her.

Amber's Story
From her small town roots in East Malaysia to her domination of the local modeling scene, Amber Chia embodies the classic fairy tale rise to fame. After moving to Kuala Lumpur at the early age of 17, Amber was quickly able to make a name for herself within the local modeling scene. Her charming personality and distinct look hastily ensured her place amongst the countries elite. Amber proved her international appeal by securing a contract with Guess Watches International in 2004 and has since used this as a platform to propel herself into other mediums such as movies and television. (AmberChia.com)

The Lovely Interview...
  1. Being a Model, TV Host and Actress, which one do you think that is the most challenging task for you? And, why?
    • Basically, everything new to me sometime would be challenging. If you really want me to select, I would say being a model. Why? This is because modeling is the first task that I faced the world, be it on the stage, in front of TV and camera. In fact, being a model had gained me different experiences which could then be useful for being a TV host and actress. Yes, modeling is my answer.
  2. You had ventured into business and started Amber Creations and AmberChia Academy. What drives you to become a businesswoman?
    • I am not young anymore. Haha. I wanted to plan for my future too. I love this entertainment industry, and before venturing into business, I had been in this industry for 14 years. I started Amber Creations (event management company) and AmberChia Academy, and these are not new to me either. These businesses closely related to what I am practicing all this while. And, this is the best of me.

    • AmberChia Academy was set up with the aim of grooming the next top super model. I am very passionate about it, and hopes to nurture ones talent just like Amber Chia did.
  3. The following questions touched on your personal money matters. What is your view on Insurance
    • For me, insurance is something compulsory, it's not optional. My insurance plans includes everything ranging life, medical, accidental and retirement. You must be mindful of your loved ones when something unfortunate event happens to you. Insurance is very important to us, especially if a family was set up.
  4. How about Investment?
    • On investment, I had started planning, and started my baby education fund. I am investing in properties. As usual, location location location is the most important rule in property investing. All of my investment is in Malaysia. I don't invest in overseas because I only did what I knew best. For me, I am not confident in overseas investing.
  5. Any words for our readers?
    • Dear readers, we must save money for our future. We should save, invest and spend on essential items. Do not overspend. Learn and enhanced our skills and knowledge in personal money management is crucial. Good luck.

Finance Malaysia takes this opportunity to thanks Amber for her time spent on this interview, and wishes her good luck in her career and businesses. We hope that this article could inspire Malaysians to excel further in their future.

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