17 August 2010

New Economic Model - Urgent !!!

When Prime Minister announced the New Economic Model (NEM) this year, the private sector and investors are welcoming the measures taken by the government towards liberalization. However, things are hanging nowhere, and business community are wondering the implementations part.

Would NEM be implemented as promised? And, when?

Capital Dynamics Group CEO and MD Tan Teng Boo:
"The NEM is a breath of fresh air and has to be implemented quickly and executed in the right way so that the country can attract more foreign funds into the country. Malaysia faced serious economic structural problems in the areas of productivity, efficiency and competitiveness."

Recently, CIMB's Datuk Nazir Razak also share the same view, calling for a fast implementation of NEM to attract FDI into our country.

Lastest call is coming from Dr.Chua (MCA's president) by saying: (TheStar)
"Malaysia would be trapped as a middle-income country if it failed to liberalise its economy and boost investment, and we should achieve the target of high-income nation by 2020, under 10MP and NEM."

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  1. Institutions can be economic WHEN (property rights, the right to free enterprise, well-functioning markets).

    political (methods of electing representatives, systems of checks and balances) or legal (the ability to enforce contracts, equal access to justice and law enforcement)

    But answer is unclear.

    Politicians more rapacious and focused on maximizing their own personal wealth during their stint in power instead of on building
    more stable institutions.


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