22 August 2010

OSK-UOB Capital Protected World Mining Fund

OSK-UOB Unit Trust Management Bhd:
Following the stabilisation of the global economies after the global financial crisis, we have seen a significant recovery in prices of hard commodities (such as base metal (e.g. copper, aluminum), bulk commodities (e.g. coal, iron ore) and precious metal (gold, silver)). Whilst we do not necessarily expect the same rate of price increase going forward, it is our expectation that such commodity prices are likely to remain well supported from demand growth, particularly from the emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil as well as the western world coupled with supply side constraints which should underpin these commodity prices over the coming years.

OSK-UOB Capital Protected* World Mining Fund (CPWMF) is a 4-year closed-end capital protected fund which aims to provide capital appreciation over the medium term whilst protecting investors’ capital on the Maturity Date.

CPWMF is suitable for investors who:

  • have a low risk tolerance;
  • seek capital protection*
  • seek potential returns from the exposure to the hard commodities sector; and
  • have a medium term horizon.

Key Fund features:
Offering period  : 17 Aug - 30 Sept 2010
Min Investment : Rm 1,000
Fund Type        : Capital Protected (close-ended)
Entry Charge    : 2.5%

* This is not a capital-guaranteed fund.
* Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation to buy or sell
Source: OSK-UOB website  

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