13 July 2010

World Cup: 7 investment tips

This is the Malaysia version of “Six Investment Tips Away From World Cup: Matthew Lynn”.

South Africa: Turning impossible to possible
Being the first in Africa to host the world’s most watched event, it seems impossible for this nation which lacks financial strength and developments. Thanks to Nelson Mandela, South Africa successfully hosted.
Tips: Genting shown us the impossible of turning a highlands to world’s acclaimed highest theme park dubbed “City of Entertainment” thanks to Lim Goh Tong.

Italy: History counts for nothing
The 2006 champion is the last to fly back in style; however, they are the first this time. A boring team with good track record, Italy was terrible and they deserve the first plane.
Tips: Sell Proton. Started off as the nation’s first car maker, Proton’s glorious days are over. Shrinking market share, stripped off the pole position and failed to transform makes it harder and harder to survive now.
France: Ego will get you nowhere
Actually, the French ego started since winning the 1998 world cup. The only different was the French team was even worse this time. Players are not respecting the coach Raymond Domenech, then the whole team being eliminated in the first round.
Tips: Buy AirAsia. MAS is the one carrying Malaysia’s flag around the world, before AirAsia come on board. Which airline makes us proud now? The answer is very clear-cut.
England: Globalization can go too far
I think English Premier League’s team such as MU may beat England team. EPL is too diversifying nowadays until you can’t recognize where the team actually belongs to. Example, Chelsea has far more foreign players than locals. One must not un-root from one’s culture and nations, if success is what you want.
Tips: Sell Sime Darby. Being a conglomerate is okay as long as the management team can manage. Otherwise, it was being too diversified. Latest cost-overrun issue is one of the alarm clocks for this huge company.
South and North Korea: Isolation doesn’t work
One is superb, another is blunder. Two nations with same culture displaying two kinds of games. North Korea isolated them from the world, hence, causing their own people suffering. In this fast developing world, liberalization is the way.
Tips: Buy Axiata. After 3 years of going regional, Axiata starting to reap benefits shown by improving earnings contributed by oversea operations. This is one of the success stories of being open to the rest of the world.
Germany: Transform yourself with style
Previously, German team is dull and not creative. However, the transformed German team outperforms Brazilian attacking football and the world love to watch German now.
Tips: Buy CIMB. By acquiring banks regionally, CIMB transform itself to region’s most reputable bank, covering Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia…

Spain: Keep believing and you’ll get there in the end
Finally, I leave it blank the message brought out by Spain, the 2010 champion, because I believe everyone of us can made history and fill-in the given space if self-qualified. Are you or your company?

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