22 July 2010

New Fund: OSK-UOB Asian Advantage Bond Fund

Given the improving corporate credit outlook, OSK believe that investment in corporate debts will offer more attractive yield pick up over government debts. Potential yields compression, lower supply of corporate bonds and ample liquidity in banking system will provide strong support to the bond market.
  1. Aims to provide potential returns above FD rates (target 5%-5.2% p.a gross return)
  2. Aims to provide annual income distribution
  3. Aims to preserve capital at maturity (3 years)
Fund Strategy:
The fund is to invest into Asian bonds that are able to offer attractive yield and/or capital appreciation. The manager will adopt a buy-and-hold strategy on the portfolio to lock-in the yield, but has the flexibility to actively manage the investments if required.

Fund features:
Offering period  : 19 July - 31 July 2010
Min Investment  : Rm 1,000
Fund Type         : Bond (close-ended)
Entry Charge     : 2%
Exit Charge       : 1% (if less than 3 years), Nill (if held until maturity)

* This is not a capital-protected fund.
* Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation to buy or sell
Source: OSK-UOB website

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