08 June 2010

New Fund: Public Optimal Growth Fund

On June 8, Public Mutual is launching a new fund, Public Optimal Growth Fund (POGF).

To achieve optimum returns for investors, this fund invests in a diversified portfolio of dividend and growth stocks in the domestic market.

According to Public Mutual’s CEO, global and regional equity markets had rebounded from multi-year lows in March 2009 on optimism that global economic activities would continue to strengthen on the back of government stimulus spending and supportive monetary policies.

“The domestic market should remain underpinned by the strengthening pace of economic recovery throughout the Asia Pacific region, resilient liquidity conditions and reasonable valuations,” she said.


  1. any idea EPF withdraw to invest is allowed for this fund?

  2. This new fund NOT yet categorized as EPF approved fund.

  3. This fund already approved by EPF


Finance Malaysia Blog appreciates your comment. Cheers!