16 June 2010

10MP: Pretty, but not Sexy

After reading lots of articles regarding 10th Malaysia Plan, I was forced to come out with my own version of article. In fact, a lot of those reports using the words like “mild positive” or “unsurprising” to describe the 10MP. So, I would like to come out with “Pretty, but not Sexy”.

Why I said so?


1.      The Government has allocated RM 230 bil for development expenditure under the 10th Malaysia Plan.

2.      Moving towards high-income economy with gross national income per capita is targeted to increase to RM 38,850 in 2015.

3.      12 national key economic areas were identified.

Not Sexy:

Instead of being economy spurring, I think 10MP was a problem solving plan. By looking at the sector allocation, construction sector clearly stands out, follow by power, tourism and property.

Breaking down the projects proposed, high weightage is on public transport, rural infrastructure and water supply. All of these were long time problems which have not been solved by previous Malaysia Plans. In view of the rising petrol prices, citizens were suffering, and the government keeps on subsidizing. Public transport upgrading or developing is a must, if the government needs to cut-subsidies.

Izzit Pretty? But, it’s not so sexy for me…
Hint: Malaysia had failed to achieve for the last 3 Malaysia Plans. Except this time?

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