07 April 2010

New Fund: Public Far-East Alpha-30 Fund

Tag: "Achieve higher potential returns by investing in 30 choice stocks". Yet, Public Mutual is launching another new equity fund which focuses its investment in 30 choice stocks listed in domestic and regional markets with the aim of achieving potentially higher returns over the medium to long-term. The fund is suitable for aggressive investors.

What is Alpha?
Alpha is defined as excess returns obtained as a result of certain investment strategies undertaken by a fund. One of the strategies for a fund to achieve alpha or excess returns is via "focus investing" which involves maintaining a concentrated portfolio of up to 30 stocks that are expected to outperform the broader market over time.

Funds which practise focus investing are suitable for investors with higher risk profiles seeking potentially higher returns as the fund's concentrated portfolio may result in increased volatility over short-term periods. 
To achieve increased diversification, the fund my invest up to 98% of its net asset value (NAV) in selected Far East markets which include South Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Australia, and other permitted markets.

Initial Offering Period : 6 - 26 April 2010
Service Charge          : 5.50%
Minimum Investment  : Rm 1,000
Minimum Top-Up      : Rm   100
Initial Issue Price        : Rm 0.2500

Source: Public Mutual, The Star

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