29 March 2010

New Fund: HLG Vietnam Strategic Fund

Are you too bored investing in BRIC funds?
Are you scared of current high valuations of BRIC countries?
Are there any other potential Emerging Markets?

To address investors' questions, HLG Unit Trust Bhd is lauching the "next China" kind of investment, which invest purely into Vietnam market.

Why invest in Vietnam?
  1. Steady and Strong GDP growth, 2nd to China among Asia's countries.
  2. Healthy export sector, east Asia's net exporter of crude oil after Malaysia.
  3. Rapid foreign direct investment growth
  4. Attractive demographics, with great working population.

Indeed, this is the 2nd version of HLG Vietnam Fund (HLGVF) which was launched in early 2008. HLGVF is a whole-sale fund, which is cater for qualified investors only. Now, with a minimum of RM 1,000 only, you can diversify your investment to "Asia's Rising Star". If you missed the China boat, do not miss this !!!

Key Reasons to Invest into HLG Vietnam Strategic Fund:
  1. Rides on attractive capital growth of Vietnam, through listed and unlisted companies.
  2. Employs a dynamic asset allocation strategy
  3. Managed by experienced and competent offshore investment advisor (VAM) 

Initial Offering Period : 23rd March - 12th April 2010
Min. Investment         : Rm 1,000
Min. Top-Up             : Rm   100
NAV per unit             : Rm 0.10
Service Charge          : 6.00 %
* BRIC : Brazil, Russia, India, China

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