05 May 2009

Rally in the Bear Market + Swine Flu

Last week, KLCI showed signs of weakness initially. Somehow, "brave" investor storming into the share market to provide buying support. The benchmark index recovered nearly all the earlier losses to post a positive figure.

Fear vs Greed.
Hope vs Denial.

There are two type of investors here:
  1. Thinking of a reversal is already overdue
  2. Believers of a sustainable rally

Anyway, the optimists appearing to have won the match of emotional market place. Daily average volume of 1.5bil shares and RM1.3bil value make Bursa the direct beneficiary of the game.

Nevertheless, in spite of the prevailing market resilience, the underlying sentiment will be very much event-driven, in which the market could swing either way in respect of investors' mood. Let's wait for the results of:

  1. US banks stress tests (revealed on Thursday 7th May)
  2. A H1N1 flu pandemic treat, seriousness of it, spread or under-control?

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