10 August 2022

Who are the Seven Malaysian companies inside the 2022 Forbes Asia's Best Under A Billion list?

As Covid-19 restrictions ease across the Asia-Pacific and people adapt to the new normal, this year’s Forbes' annual Best Under A Billion list highlights the shift to discretionary spending.

While healthcare and pharmaceutical-related companies were standouts last year, the post-pandemic return to daily life has benefitted apparel makers, mall operators, restaurants, consumer electronics and entertainment companies, among others.

Forbes' coverage of Asia's Best Under A Billion 2022, highlights the 200 Asia-Pacific public companies with less than $1 billion in sales and consistent top- and bottom-line growth.

Wow. SEVEN representatives from Malaysia wor?
Who are they? (with a little bit of their background here...)

Source: Forbes


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  1. Is UG Healthcare established in Malaysia or Singapore?


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