05 June 2022

[Investment Scam] How to Spot and Prevent Imposters from Adding me to Telegram Groups?

Did you know that scammers can add you to a channel or a group depending on your Telegram settings? 👀

Just because the members of the group chat are actively interacting with one another, it doesn’t mean that the account is “real”.

The most common type of scam is get-rich-quick-schemes a.k.a skim cepat kaya which promise exorbitant returns that are guaranteed. 

It is essential to recognize the common patterns of scams to avoid being a victim. Don’t get tricked on Telegram. We come across a very insightful post from AffinHwang Asset Management and think that this will be beneficial to our readers here too.

Here are some ways to stay safe online and not get scammed by imposters:

Don't take the bait.
Stay safe, stay alert to scams!

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