25 April 2022

(Online Banking) Which one is FAKE?

This is a very important message to alert all mobile/online banking users. A viral message was circulating on various social media recently to alert bank users to be careful when making online payments/transfers.

In order to give our readers a clearer picture, we have prepared these pictures here side-by-side.

Here are the two examples of online payment landing pages.
Do you know which one is Real? Which one is Fake?

Answer ______ ?

The picture on your left: FAKE 😱

The picture on your right: REAL 😍

Please take note that the online payment landing page shouldn't ask you to key in the username and password concurrently. The correct process flow should be like this:
  1. Key in username
  2. Show your secret image/word (please check first before next)
  3. Then only you key in the password


This is dangerous especially if you receive a direct link given by strangers/merchants/scammers which directly leads you to the fake link shown above.

***Disclaimer: This is nothing to do with Maybank. The pictures shown are for illustration purposes for ease of understanding by our readers only.

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