22 May 2021

A Spooon Full ~ A Whole Food Manufacturer with 4’ principle

"Hi all, nice to meet you! My name is Sofia and I’m the Co-Founder of A Spooon Full. Yeap it is A Spooon Full with triple o in it. You might be guessing why I even need to emphasize on the triple o."
"The name derived, (yeap, I use derived where it is usually a mathematical term) from the way another co-founder work. My co-founder, Yvonne is an Accountant by practice as well as a math enthusiastic and a professional baker. Whatever she does in life has to be precisely measured and calculated. Including baking."

A Spooon Full, the name is an inspiration from one of the very famous baking or cooking tools, measuring spoon. It usually consists of 5 different sizes of spoon ranging from tsp to tbsp. And spooon stands for all the spoon we can get in a chuck of measuring spoon as well as my partner precise measurement all the time whenever she’s baking and cooking. On top of it, it also meant to be A Spooon Full of Love.

A Spooon Full is a Whole Food Manufacturer
What does this mean?

It means that whatever edible and consumable product from our brand we made our own raw ingredients towards the end-product. In another words, it means that there’s
no process ingredient uses in the whole baking and cooking process, or the public name its Whole Food.

The reason why they insist on producing own raw materials and ingredients for all our food and beverages offering are because they believe that the health benefits from whole food to a human being. As the phrase saying: “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”.

To maintain the inner wellness, health and to fight any viruses or prevent illness, one of the key actions is to eat healthily. We always uphold the believe of “we are what we eat”. Thus, the birth of A Spooon Full, Whole Food Manufacturing principle.

Besides, Whole Food Making principle another principle they uphold to is the 4’ principle. All of their offerings come in 4’ sizes only. The reason behind 4’ principle is because they want their customer to consume what their body can takes in at a time of eating as well as allow customer to be able to finish it in the shortest time frame to ensure the freshness of the food. As noticed by them, many people out there purchase a big size of cake or dessert and just consume probably one quarter or only half of it. The remaining are always in the fridge or once it has been too long, it will be in the bin of customer.

They started the business back in last quarter of 2019, by wanting to serve their friends and family by baking and cooking occasionally only. But thanks to MCO 1.0 the business sales expedite from word-of-mouth advertising and recommendation by friends and family as well as first time customer of theirs. Which we are grateful for it.

"We started off with the famous Burnt Cheesecake back then. And one of the unique selling points of our Burnt Cheesecake are home fermented cheese itself. We use our own fermented cheese to bake it to offer exceptional taste and health benefits to those who consume our products."

One and a half year down the road and they are now doing this full time, they have now come out with more variety of offering to the market. However, due to manpower and whole food manufacturing principle, their offering is not as much as the other big boys’ chain bakery.
"Two of our famous dessert in house are ASF Burnt Cheesecake and Signature Non-Alcoholic Rum Tiramisu. The tiramisu is great because we fermented our very own rum as one of the boozes and at the same time remain pork free to cater to the mass market as one of our goal is to serve the Malay audience too."
"The entrepreneur journey in F&B may seems to be tough for many others as the workload needed are huge. As we produce our own key raw materials towards the product as well as market it ourselves. Nonetheless, it’s a lifetime remembrance journey for the both of us."

They are currently selling through their social media FB, IG as well as a soon to be announce physical café in June 2021.

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