29 August 2020

Sukuk Prihatin - Malaysia's first Digital Islamic Bond

With RMCO still lingering around, you may not be going out so often. Less spending leads to more spare cash on hand. Right? And, don't know how to utilize the spare cash?

And, you know that the bank fixed deposit rate is at an all-time low currently (which could possibly get lower) and searching for an alternative which is safe & short-term?

Of course, the interest rate must be reasonable lah...

Look over here...

* Tax-free return
* Tax-deductible if you choose to donate the principal amount


What is the purpose of this Sukuk?
The money will be channel directly to several initiatives that can improve the living of needy Malaysians, as highlighted in PENJANA.

Any maximum investment amount?
Unlimited, as much as you can.

Anyone also can invest?
Yes. As long as you're 18 years old and above.

Corporate also can invest?
Yes. Can.

Why it is classified as Islamic?
The instrument is shariah-compliant based on the principle of Tawarruq via the Murabahah arrangement.

How can I invest?
There are a total of 27 banks distributing this sukuk. Since this is a digital sukuk, you can only invest digitally with these participating banks via either DuitNow or JomPAY.

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