14 June 2020

Introduction to Robo-Advisor Wahed Invest

Introduced about two years ago in Malaysia, there are currently a total of three players operating in the market. First, we have StashAway Malaysia and MYTHEO. And, the latest addition is Wahed Invest.

No worry, we will write another article on the other two platforms very soon. And, there is a reason here. Stay tuned!

Let's back to our topic of today, which is about Wahed Invest.

Who is Wahed?
What is so special?
What are the fees and calculations? 

Wahed Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (“Wahed”) is a digital investment manager that aims to provide an efficient and halal investment platform. The platform allows investors from all income brackets to invest their savings ethically and efficiently.

Meaning, Wahed Invest is the only shariah-compliant player currently in Malaysia. It is also the only one that has invested in locally-listed ETFs and a unit trust, which tracks the Malaysian market, the US market, gold and sukuk (Islamic bond).

What are the fees?
No trading fees, no commissions, no hidden fees. It's simple and clear. Just one annual fee as shown below. It's either 0.79% or 0.39% per year, depending on your total investment amount under the platform.

What is the minimum investment required?
A minimum of RM100 is all you need to kick start your account.

Constructing a Portfolio Automatically
When you make your first deposit, the platform will automatically invest your portfolio according to your specific risk profile. As simple as that.

Investing via multiple exchange-traded funds (ETF), a portfolio generally comprises a mix of Malaysian Stocks, US Stocks, Sukuk, Gold, and Cash.

Which ETF/Fund was selected by Wahed Invest?

Based on my own personal account:
 Type of Allocation  Name of ETF or Fund 
 Malaysia Stocks MyETF MSCI Malaysia Islamic Dividend (MyETF-MMID) 
 US Stocks Wahed FTSE USA Shariah ETF (HLAL) 
 Sukuk  RHB Islamic Bond Fund 
 Gold TradePlus Shariah Gold Tracker

If you're interested to open a Wahed Invest account, just follow these simple steps:
  1. Click this link to download the app (https://app.wahedinvest.com/referral)
  2. Key in referral code yeokea1 (in order to receive cash bonus)
  3. You will get US$2.50 (RM10) if activated and funded, in one month time.

Investment by Levi Doherty | Investing, Creative professional

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