11 November 2019

11 Tips to get the Most out of 11.11 Singles Day

Singles' Day (11.11) = 11 November.
What does this mean?

It means the year's best sales are on this day. From discounts and coupons to flash deals and free shipping, shop till you drops on 11.11.

Are you ready?

Check out these helpful tips before giving in to impulse shopping:

  1. Keep yourself in the Loop
    With the ease of various shopping sites and social media, keep yourself abreast of up-to-date offers. If can, just sign up for alerts on your favorite sites. You don't want to miss the attractive deals. Right?

  2. Get Ready your Limit
    The limit we mentioned here maybe is your credit card limit. Don't get yourself stuck half-way of buying due to breach of the credit limit. You may miss the deal of the year due to this reason. So, just get yourself ready for the limit. How? Let's settle off your credit card bill or outstanding before the big day of spending.

  3. Don't Be Fooled
    Being fooled? Yes. Some merchants may hike their prices before the Singles Day, then only give you discounts. It makes no sense to purchase, simply by looking at the %%% discounts published. Check the price before and after discounts (before and during the Singles Day). Play it smart. Outplay those unethical merchants.

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  4. Read the fine print
    Many photos shown on shopping sites are purely "for reference only". Be careful with that and always check the fine print of the product. Check the description. Check again. Check again and again. Make sure you're going to receive what you're going to buy.

  5. How about the Return Policies?
    Yeahhh... Next, this is what you should or must check before placing your orders. Full refunds? Store credits? Or, no refunds? Make sure you're aware of it, in case, you regretted after the big day.

  6. "Add to Cart" function
    Fully utilized this important function. You don't have to wait until the actual day for browsing the whole site for your desired items. Why don't you add them to your cart first? Be smart and get ready to pay only during the actual day. (of course, after checking the offer/discounts one last time...)

  7. Do you really need it?
    Don't buy things that you actually don't want. Or, simply because of Singles day, you are tempted to buy certain items because of massive discounts? Is this what you will use? If not, don't waste your money la...

  8. Go to Sleep first?
    Yes. You have to take a good rest before the actual day. Have a good rest before going to the shopping war zone. It started at midnight. Go go go (to bed first) !!!

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  9. What's next after buying?
    Congratulations on buying your wish-list items. Next, it's the waiting time for you. Due to the overwhelming response from the Singles Day, please expect to wait patiently for your items to arrive at your doorstep. One useful tip is by combining your orders as much as you can. This could save you some time and shipping costs.

  10. Online only? Don't miss out on Offline deals also...
    Because of the hype, many cafes/restaurants/shops also having special promotions offline for consumers. Do check it out. Maybe it's even worth than spending your money online. Opppsss.

  11. Use e-wallets as your payment method
    There are so many offers/discounts being offered by e-wallet providers if you pay with different e-wallet. Boost, Touch'nGo, RevPay, Maybank QRpay... Why don't you maximize your advantage simply by paying with e-wallet? Shop smart, Pay smart. Click here to check out 10 Most Popular E-Wallet in Malaysia.

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