06 June 2019

Key Highlights of e-Commerce Consumers Survey 2018

The e-Commerce Consumers Survey 2018 (ECS 2018) is the first purpose built survey conducted by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to understand characteristics and behaviours of e-Commerce consumers in Malaysia.

In addition, the survey also covers challenges faced by consumers to 
adopt e-Commerce.

The survey focused on selected key indicators including the following:
i. e-Commerce experiences;
ii. purchasing;
iii. product delivery;
iv. product return;
v. security and privacy; and
vi. demographics and socio-economics background of consumers and non-consumers.

In the full 49 pages of survey report, let us zoom into these key highlights

Various types of payment method such as, online banking, credit card, cash on delivery, etc. give more flexible options for shoppers. Additionally, the advent of third party online payment such as PayPal, Alipay, MOLPay, iPay88, etc. have provided shoppers with alternative online payment.


The survey found that majority of online shoppers in Malaysia (93.6%) have purchased goods and services from local seller, while more than half (52.2%) shopped cross-border.

When further asked about location of cross-border e-Commerce market, below figure is the outcome. Unsurprisingly, China tops the chart.


Growing up in the advent of Internet, young generation below 30’s is identified as the major adopter and engine of growth for e-Commerce. Managing consumer trust and privacy in every part of e-Commerce value chain is very important for sustainability.

Apart from strengthening cybersecurity and risk policies to manage security and privacy risks perception, smart delivery options and customer-centric return policies will also instil their confidence.

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