26 March 2019

How to pay for Prudential policy premium with Boost e-wallet ?

Yes. You see it correctly. E-wallet payments or transactions in Malaysia is becoming one of popular methods, especially youngsters. And, it cross our mind recently, knowing that one of the largest insurance companies here - Prudential - is jumping on the bandwagon to let their policy holders to pay for their policies via e-wallet specifically Boost. (Referral code: yeo31ln)

Wow. That's fantastic to all e-wallet fanatics here. Now, you have another good reason to use Boost for your daily transactions.

What is Prudential's Corporate Website?

It provides 24/7 service for you to make one-time proposal payment and/or renewal premium payment for inforce policies from your Current Account Savings Account (CASA) or with your Debit / Credit Card or Boost e-wallet (Referral code: yeo31ln). For single premium proposal payment, only CASA option is available.

*Applicable to all Prudential's Life products.

How to make the premium payment?

Navigate to Online Payment via Prudential's Corporate Website (click here for the link) > Enter basic policy information > Read and agree on Terms & Conditions > Complete CASA or Debit/Credit Card details or Scan QR Code > Receive SMS/email confirmation upon successful of payment.

As simple as that.
And, you can enjoy your Boost's shake reward !!!
Good luck :)

Any charges being imposed on this?There will be no extra charges imposed by Prudential.

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