09 November 2018

[EPF-MIS] Revised Basic Savings Table effective Jan 2019

Attention to all EPF members investment scheme (MIS) members, once again, EPF has just announced that they will be revising the basic savings threshold before a member can withdraw for investment purpose effective Jan 2019.

Higher or Lower ???

Of course, it will be revised higher in view of rising inflation or the depreciation of our value of money. The new quantum for the Basic Savings in EPF Account 1 will be revised from RM228,000 (RM 950 per month for 20 years) to RM240,000 (RM1,000 per month for 20 years) at member’s age of 55 years old.

According to EPF, the basic savings refer to the amount that is considered sufficient to support members’ basic retirement needs for 20 years from age 55 to 75 aligned with the Malaysian life expectancy.

How much Higher ???

Please refer below table the new Basic Savings schedule.

How much can we withdraw from EPF account 1 for investment purpose?
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Not Worth to Invest using our EPF money ???

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  1. So after this i cannot deduct my epf until new minimum balance is reached.


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