28 October 2018

Five Successful ECF Campaigns in Malaysia

According to the statistics from Securities Commission Malaysia (SC), Malaysia's equity crowdfunding (ECF) platform had raised a total of RM38.36 million since its inception in 2015 (until June 2018) through 40 campaigns.

Among the key take away from the statistic was:

  • 48% sought funding of RM500k and below
  • 60% of the issuer was technology-based companies
  • 72% of investors are below the age of 45

However, many investors don't have an idea of what sort of companies will be in an ECF platform and if you're curious to know some of them, we believe this article will help you to have a glimpse of them. Here you go...

Below are the 5 companies that catches our eyes:

  1. Parenthood via Crowdo
    ^ Malaysia's 1st London Street Family Park is the ultimate venue to seek modern-day parenting amenities, services, products & enriching experiences for parents & children
    ^ Opened to public at Sunway Putra Mall and Sunway Pyramid Mall
    ^ Crowdo's first successful ECF offer in Malaysia
    ^ First South East Asia’s non-tech ECF issuer

  2. Kakitangan.com via PitchIn
    ^ The fastest ECF campaign in Malaysia to raised their first RM1mil in just 24 hours (at that time)
    ^ Raised from a record of 63 investors (Sept 2016)
    ^ An online HR Software for Malaysian businesses that helps handle payroll, claims, benefits, leave and more...

  3. Lewré via AtaPlus
    ^ Founded by renowned designer and couturier, Dato’ Lewr√© Lew Fong Voon, in 1997
    ^ RM1.2mil raised for the homegrown brand
    ^ Had designed footwear for Kate Middleton, Duchess of York, and members of the Malaysian Royal Family

  4. BabyDash via PitchIn
    ^ Becoming the ECF record breaker by attracting 131 investors and raised RM1.5mil
    ^ Breaking the previous record achieved by Kakitangan.com
    ^ Malaysian online baby store founded by two mums looking for convenient way to purchase diapers and milks @@!

  5. Fundaztic via PitchIn
    ^ Fastest ever funded ECF deal in Malaysia (as at Oct 2018)
    ^ RM3mil raised in 38 minutes !!!
    ^ The homegrown P2P operator brand from PeopleLender Sdn Bhd
    ^ The first P2P crowdfunding platform raising funds from another crowdfunding ECF platform

Of course, this is just a few successful examples from us. There are more than this five companies that raised funds via ECF platforms. Hopefully, we can write about more companies in the future.

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Stay tuned!

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