21 January 2018

How to get your eCCRIS report ???

Applying for a housing loan?
Applying for a business loan?
Applying for a credit card?

You can't run away from being screen through by financial institutions on your credit health check, and one of the reports is called CCRIS. Now, you can get this report via electronically hassle-free with a few simple clicks. Introducing eCCRIS 

What is inside CCRIS report?
Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS), processes the credit-related data received from participating financial institutions and synthesises the information into credit reports, which is made available to the financial institutions and the borrowers, upon request.

Source: iMoney

Any individual may request to access to his/her credit information from the Credit Bureau. The request for the credit report can only be made by the individual ownself. In the case of a business entity or a deceased person, such request can be made by a person authorised by the entity (for businesses) or by the court (deceased).

With eCCRIS, the public can now access their personal CCRIS reports online via the eCCRIS website. 

How to get the eCCRIS report ourselves?
If you wish to access your credit report via eCCRIS, please register as an eCCRIS user by following the steps below: 

  • Step 1: Request your 6-digit PIN at BNMLINK Kuala Lumpur, BNM Offices or AKPK branches.

  • Step 2: Verify your identity at BNMLINK Kuala Lumpur, BNM Offices or AKPK branches. For individuals, biometric verification with MyKad, and registration of mobile phone number can be done at CCRIS kiosk. Subsequently, a 6-digit PIN will be sent to your registered mobile phone number.

  • Step 3: Key in your IC number and 6-digit PIN for first time login at https://eccris.bnm.gov.my

  • Step 4: Set your preferred User ID and password. Then, select the security image and security phrase; and set the three security questions and answers.

  • Step 5: For subsequent access to credit report online, the individual needs to follow the steps below:
  • Login with your User ID and password; and
  • Check ENQUIRY > Self Enquiry – Individual

Note:  Your Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) is required for additional security when you change your mobile number.

Source: BNM and credit bureau

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