03 March 2017

JJPTR is a Scam??? (March 2017)

Requested by many of our readers and followers to write about this very popular JJPTR things, we finally put our pen down on it today due to the latest hoo-ha initiated by Bank Negara Malaysia's latest alert list. No doubt, JJPTR was listed on the alert list for public reference. Why?

Let's first understand a bit on the so-called "investment scheme". All investors are concerned about two things only - return and safety. Okay. We zoom into these two things specifically.

  1. Return of 20% ???
    To be exact, it's a whopping total 25% return (20% personal + 5% introducer's incentive). Some more, it's on a MONTHLY basis equivalent to an annualized of 300% return. How can an investment generating such high return within one year period? Of course, JJPTR said that it's not guaranteed but they also saying that JJPTR never failed to deliver the promised return.

  2. Safe or not ???
    No worry, JJPTR will take care the risks off you. Their tagline was invest, sit back and do nothing, then enjoy your passive income. How good if this was true? In order to generate that passive income (high returns) for investors, the company will use your fund as capital to do forex trading mainly denominated in USD. Dubbed as very low profile experienced traders, all your investment returns rely on these experts. (Anyone saw one of those traders before?)


We didn't mention that JJPTR is a scam or not. (Wait for Bank Negara Malaysia confirmation later...) This post just served as a reference for public to think before joining such scheme. Ask yourselves these questions first:
  1. Why JJPTR want to project such high return at the first place?
  2. Warren Buffett also cannot generate such high return... Forex trading can?
  3. If forex trading can, then the risk is none? Shouldn't it be a super high risk?

Good Luck !!!


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