04 January 2015

Understanding the NEW Base Rate effective Jan 2015

New year always come with some new changes. In 2015, we have this thing called "Base Rate" (BR) which will replace the previous Base Lending Rate (BLR) we commonly used for years. What does it mean? What are the differences? How much is the rate actually?

The new system of pricing...
With the new base rate, banks are allowed to price their loans products more efficiently based on their ability. How is the computation method being used for base rate? Read our previous explanation here...

The New Rate for different banks...

  • * Indicative Effective Lending Rate refers to the indicative annual effective lending rate for a standard 30-year housing loan/home financing product with financing amount of RM350k and has no lock-in period.
  • * Data sourced from Bank Negara Malaysia on 2nd Jan 2015.

The LOWEST Rate is Maybank?
Yes. Maybank set it's base rate to 3.20%, the lowest among all the banks currently. And, guess what? This was already explained and predicted by Finance Malaysia last year !!!

So, does it affect the existing loan borrowers?
No. The new base rate will only applies to those applying for new loans or refinance from 2nd Jan 2015 onward. So, the existing borrowers can rest assured that their loan rate still follow the existing terms and conditions.

BLR is follow the Bank Negara Malaysia OPR rate. How about BR ?
Good question. The previous BLR will fluctuate according to overnight policy rate (OPR) being determined by BNM from time to time. However, since BR depends on the bank's cost of funds and liquidity factors, it can be reviewed and fluctuate anytime to reflect such changes even if there is no changes in OPR. Don't forget the other factors such as statutory reserve requirement (SRR) being set by BNM also.

Any major different in terms of effective rate?
Referring back to the table shown above, the base rate doesn't mean everything. The most important thing borrower must know is the effective rate being charged. Take Maybank BR 3.20% as example, the effective lending rate was 4.55% actually for a 30 years loan. The effective rate generally depends on the loan amount and loan tenure. Lesser the loan amount and longer the loan tenure would lead you to higher effective rate.

Hope this article enlighten you...
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