11 July 2013

New Fund: AmAsia Pacific REITs Plus

Do you remember the AmAsia Pacific REITs fund? I'm sure you have heard about it. Yes, backed by its success story, AmInvestment Management Bhd has launched a new version called AmAsia Pacific REITs Plus. The word "Plus" is used as a continuation of the AmAsia Pacific REITs and the fund may invest in listed equities in the real estate sector.

The fund aims to provide regular income and to a lesser extent capital appreciation over the medium to long term (at least 3 years) by investing in real estate investment trusts (REITs) and equities in the real estate sector.

What's the strategy?
Minimum 70% in REITs and a maximum of 29% in listed equities in real estate sector, which are in the Asia Pacific region. This is the asset allocation of the fund. Diversification in terms of country and different REITs sub-sectors (etc. residential, commercial and industrial) is expected.

An active allocation strategy will be employed by fund manager, based on macroeconomic trends and REITs market outlook of respective countries in Asia Pacific region. Meanwhile, bottom-up security selection strategy will be used for equities, with focus on undervalued companies.

Who is suitable for this fund?
  • Those who wish to have investment exposure in real estate sector through a diversified portfolio of REITs and real estate equities in Asia Pacific region.
  • Those seeking regular income and to a lesser extent capital appreciation over medium to long term
What's AmInvest aiming?
4% payout on yearly basis, which AmInvest said is achievable and is higher than fixed deposit rate offered by banks. AmInvest favors Australia, Singapore and Japan for REITs and China, Indonesia and Thailand for listed equities.

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