23 April 2013

How to get your PRS Tax Relief statement from PPA ? (April 2013)

In conjunction with the NEW tax relief available from YA2012, many Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) contributors are wondering how can they get the tax statement for income tax filling. To address your concern, here you go... (If you don't know what are we talking about, please find out "What is Private Retirement Scheme?")

To recap, contributions into a PRS scheme can enjoy a tax relief of up to RM3,000 from YA2012 - YA2021. If you did contribute some money into a PRS scheme in 2012, congratulations, you're entitled to PRS tax relief for YA2012. If you haven't, no worry, you still got time to start contributing before the end of this year.

Back to the topic, please follow these few easy steps to get it:

Please surf www.ppa.my and click log in. I believe you already get your PIN from PPA when you made your first contribution. If not, please contact PPA and request again.

After login, you will arrive at the following page. Supposedly, you can download the tax relief statement by clicking "Tax Relief".

However, you will be notified by this message.

Oppsss... What if I didn't keep the receipt or letter given by providers? No worry. Alternatively, you can download the "Consolidated Statement" as a proof and for income tax filling purpose. Hope this could clear your doubts. Happy income tax filing. Thanks.

Source: Private Pension Adminstrator (PPA)

Finance Malaysia would like to thank Alex Yeoh for his input in this article. Alex is a Licensed Financial Planner with VKA Wealth Planners, whom can advise and distribute multiple PRS products. You may contact him via email alexyeoh@vka.com.my


  1. Hi Alex/Finance Malaysia,
    If you withdraw RM10K last year (over 60 years old), then invest RM3K again this year - can you claim RM3K tax relief?

  2. Hi Finance Malaysia
    I have downloaded the annual consolidated statement, however it shows only the fund units and amount. It didn't show the total contribution of the year. Please advise would LHDN accept the statement as a proof. Unfortunately i top up the unit via PPA platform, and my provider did not provide any tax statement year back in 2016 and 2017 and now i was requested by LDHN to show the evidence. Please advise. Many thanks

    1. I have the same issue! what did you do?


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